Family Photos Color Scheme

March 14, 2023by marijalarionova0

Family Photos Color Scheme

It’s always hard to come up with outfit ideas for a family photoshoot. Especially because you want everyone to align and harmonize with each other.


Here are some color combinations that always turn out beautifully in photos:




Khaki or pastel/faded green colors in a combination with different shades of beige and grey.


Different shades of Blue + White


Blue jeans in a combination with a white T-Shirt will always be easiest solution and will look stunning on everyone in the family. You can play around but keep the main color palette in blue/white tones.



Beige, Brown, Cream, White


This color combination will turn any photoshoot into something very special. The pictures will come out cosy, warm and sunny even if it’s cloudy outside.



Blue, Light blue, Beige and Mustard


Here is something fun! Match the shades of blue with beige and brown colors. You can’t go wrong with it.



Mustard, Gray, Black and White


This combination is a little bit more tricky. By using this color scheme as your outfit inspo make sure to do not over do with the black. You want to keep all colors balanced between each other.




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